Infomorph, Inc.

Business Area

Contract development and in-house product development related to:

  • R&D of Mirror World with autonomous sensing
  • R&D of Digital Twin with subjective AI
  • R&D of image processing, 3D, xR and 360 degrees camera
  • System/Software development
    • for Android/iOS/Mac/Windows/Linux/Web or “RICOH THETA Plug-in”


Makoto SHOHARA, Ph.D.
(The former developer of RICOH THETA series.)


September 17, 2019


Room.407 Bldg.16, Kogakuin Univ.,
2665-1 Nakano-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0015, Japan

The company is located at the new industry creation center in Kogakuin university. The new industry creation center is the place for R&D managed by the local government: Hachioji-city, Tokyo.