Infomorph 3D – Create 3D map from video

The shape of a room or building is scanned based on the video, and a 3D map (point cloud) is automatically generated. After generating the 3D map, it is possible to see the shooting position in 3D map without using GPS. We can provide the apps or as a private service. Please ask us for details.

Infomorph 3D + Mesh
3D Point Cloud

Infomorph Live – Remote VR chat system

This is the simplest plugin to stream 360 degrees video and audio in real-time. By registering your ID and your THETA device (RICOH THETA V, Z1 or X) at the management site, you can get the URL for your device. By using the URL, your friends can access live streaming on their smartphone’s or PC’s browser. See the details here. Now, you can try to use freely.

Infomorph Live THETA Plugin
Infomorph Live RICOH THETA Plugin

We made alterations to THETA V (bottom photo) for long term streaming and for edge processing such as inference of deep learning. We can develop your private 360 system, please ask us for details.

Altered THETA V for continuous 24-7 operation model
Altered THETA V for continuous 24-7 operation model
with Jabra Speaker and Ethernet connection
for isolated or remote places