Infomorph is focusing better future and world peace.

If you want to create a better future with your technology, specialty, or energy, Infomorph is where you belong. Our team comprises selected members who are open-minded, innovative, and authentic.

Currently, we are opening these job opportunities for the people from/in Ukraine and international students in our local city Hachioji.

Current Openings

The working location is basically in our office, Hachioji-city Tokyo, Japan. But you can work remotely depending on the tasks or your skills.
We decide your working hours per week after the interviews, depending on the tasks, skills, and lifestyle.
Your work style is also selectable. You can work as an employee in Hachioji or as an independent professional with a contract for a task.

  • Software Engineers
    • You create software for customers or our products by writing code in any programing language, e.g., C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Java, Kotlin, or Swift.
    • You understand the primary computer system and want to learn more about the details.
  • Designers
    • You design the GUI of websites or smartphone apps.
    • You illustrate icons or some pictures for the sites or apps.